“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” - Gandhi

"As a 6th generation Tennessean, I have lived in this great state all my life, and have had the privilege of living in Clarksville since 2015. I have fallen in love with this town and want nothing more than to see it flourish. However, my utmost priority is the people of this great city. A public servant works for the people and the people alone. I am running to mend the bridge between elected officials and their constituents. To be the unbreakable force that stands for their freedom and liberties. Ward 12 is a beautiful community that we take great pride in. As your next City Councilman, WE will continue to grow that community and WE will lead this city by example."


Fiscal Responsibility

  • Combat wasteful spending by reevaluating city budgets

  • Generate revenue for the city without borrowing

  • I vow to uphold the incumbent's promise to advocate against raising taxes

Community Development

  • Monthly community meetings to promote public dialogue between my constituents

  • Advocate for the construction of a community center in Ward 12

  • Promote community fellowship through organized events

Focused Infrastructure Development

  • Relieve congestion through new development and roadway widening

  • Promote pedestrian accessibility through multi-path sidewalks

  • Create a preemptive plan for the city's continuous growth

Together we will make Clarksville the lead example for cities across our great nation

Ward 12 Early Voting Location